How It All Started.

Javier Garcia is the mastermind behind JAG Professional Services. He’s combined decades of experience in manufacturing, construction and fabrication with a lifelong inventive streak to create innovative, customized projects for clients. In 2014 he left a management position with a fabrication company and formed JAG to offer an exceptional level of service to customers in manufacturing and commercial business.

The JAG team includes experts in fabrication, plastics, stainless steel, welding, electrical work, concrete and more. Javier is a former Chairman and board member of the San Antonio Manufacturing Association.

We Solve Problems.

The head of a manufacturing plant contacted JAG when a glitch in their assembly line was damaging materials. JAG owner Javier Garcia came to the plant, studied the problem and came up with a way to fix it by fabricating and installing an attachment to protect materials on the line. His solution eliminated the problem, reducing waste and restoring efficiency to the plant.

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